Privacy Policy

The website uses cookies. The purpose of cookies is not to identify users nor to determine the identity of any person.

Cookies constitute IT data comprising, in particular, text files kept on the Website User’s end device and assisting in the use of pages on the Website. Cookies most commonly contain the name of the website they originate from, the period they are kept on the end device and the unique number.

Cookies are used only to adapt the website to the user’s needs.

Data obtained from cookies shall not be, in any manner whatsoever, linked with personal data of users obtained when using the website.

Two basic types of cookies are used on the website: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the end device of the User until logging out, leaving the website or closing the software (browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the end device of the User for a definite period specified in parameters of the cookies or until they are deleted by the User.

The conditions of storage or receipt of cookies may be changed by configuring browser settings.